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There are benefits and some possible drawbacks to using an eyedropper filled fountain pen.  The clear benefit is ink capacity.  Many eyedropper filled pens will hold up to 3-4ml of ink, which is significant compared to the 0.5ml that most converter filled pens will hold.  A drawback is that filling the pen requires a little more disassembly and, if not greased properly, the ink can leak at the threads.  Here is how to properly fill your eyedropper pen:

Step 1)  Clean the barrel.

Unscrew the section from the barrel and rinse out the barrel with clean water.  This will remove any potential manufacturer residue from a new pen or clean out the old ink from a previously inked pen.  Dry the barrel with a cotton swab or let it dry on its own overnight.  

Step 2)  Grease the threads.

To avoid the possibility of ink leaking from the threads it is best to apply a small amount of silicon grease to the threads on the section where it screws into the barrel.  Apply a small amount and then screw the section in a few times to help spread the grease.  Wipe off any excess grease that squeezes out when the section is fully screwed in.  You can find silicon grease for sale on our website here.  

Step 3)  Fill with ink.

Hold the barrel of the pen vertically and, using a syringe or eyedropper, fill with ink up the the bottom of the threads on the barrel.  This will leave a few millimeters of space.  

Step 4) Screw in the section.

While continuing to the hold the barrel vertically, screw the section half-way into the barrel.  

Step 5) Prime the feed.

Now flip the pen over so that the nib is pointed down.  You will want to have a cloth under the pen for this part.  Screw the section the rest of the way into the barrel.  This will cause a few drops of ink to drip from the nib, thus priming the feed and preparing the pen for writing.

Step 6) Clean up.

Wipe any excess ink from the nib and begin writing!


If you are refilling a pen with the same color ink start at Step 3.  You should not need to add grease to your pen each time.

In this video we will teach you how to fill an eyedropper fountain pen.  To see the text version of this tutorial click here.

How to fill an eyedropper fountain pen